Recovery Studio

Recovery Studio @ Club Sport

The Recovery Studio Hours:

Schedule your appointment by calling 408.574.2409

Our Policies

The services you select are reserved exclusively for you. To cancel your appointment, please call the Recovery Studio at least 24 hours before your appointment to avoid being billed for 100% of the service fee. We don’t accept cancellations by email.

Club Sport membership is not required to use the Recovery Studio. However, members receive special member pricing.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment to complete your check-in process. You are welcome to enjoy a brief steam, sauna, and a shower to rinse off while you wait for your appointment.

All services include 10 minutes for consultation, dressing, and sanitizing.

Why Us?

Two hours or complimentary childcare for one child in KidsWorld is included with your treatment.

Non members may use the Club Sport locker room amenities during their visit to our facility. Towels and robes are provided.


Classic Massage

Enjoy total relaxation. Our signature full body massage applies a combination of massage techniques and medium pressure to melt away stress and tension and improve circulation.

30 Minutes – $49/Member
60 Minutes – $99/Member ($120/Guest)
90 Minutes – $130/Member ($150/Guest)

Deep Tissue Massage

Perform at your peak. Used before, during, and after athletic events, a sports massage increases circulation, drains away fatigue, relieves swelling, reduces muscle tension, promotes flexibility, and helps prevent injuries.

60 Minutes – $110/Member ($140/Guest)
90 Minutes – $139/Member ($165/Guest)

Motherhood Massage

A luxurious treatment to nurture and support the mother-to-be and her child. Our certified prenatal massage therapists use special techniques and a specially designed table to provide complete relaxation and comfort to the mother, even late into pregnancy.

60 Minutes $99/Member ($120/Guest)

Himalayan Salt Hot Stone Massage

Take your relaxation and mental clarity to the next level with Himalayan salt hot stones! The heated stones act as a form of aromatherapy, releasing negative ions that help you relax and create peace of mind. The Himalayan salt stones also contain 84 essential minerals, including iron, magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

90 Minutes – $139/Member ($165/Guest)

Cupping Massage Therapy

Cupping is a form of massage therapy which decompresses soft tissues using vacuum suction. Cupping increases blood circulation to the area where the cups are placed. This may relieve muscle tension, which can improve overall blood flow and promote cell regeneration.

60 Minutes – $130/Member ($150/Guest)
3-Pack, 60 Minutes – $375/Member ($435/Guest)


Classic Facial

Revitalize your skin. Start with a soothing steam vapor, then receive a gentle cleansing treatment, massage, exfoliation, and extraction. A skin-specific mask and moisture protectant are applied at the end to rejuvenate and nourish your skin.

60 Minutes – $99/Member ($120/Guest)
3-Pack, 60 Minutes – $285/Member ($330/Guest)

Express Facial

This is the perfect skin solution when you’re short on time. A customized cleansing and exfoliation treatment will replenish your skin’s nutrients for a complexion that glows.

25 Minutes $42/Member ($52/Guest)

Microderm Rejuvenation

Get smoother, younger looking skin. This treatment reduces the appearance of sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, blackheads and comedones, uneven pigmentation, enlarged pores, and superficial scars. Extractions are performed and soothing products and customized masks are applied. Diamond tip is also available for sensitive skin.

60 Minutes – $142/Member ($162/Guest)
3-Pack, 60 Minutes $375/Member ($420/Guest)

Radiance Peel

Improve your skin’s texture and appearance while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. This regenerating treatment is designed to remove unwanted layers of dull, flaky skin, and simulate cellular renewal for a complexion that glows.

60 Minutes – $110/Member ($130/Guest)

Acne Facial

Heal breakouts with this intensive treatment designed to gently exfoliate your skin and reduce excessive oil production.

60 Minutes – $120/Member ($130/Guest)

Back Renewal

This deep-cleansing treatment will remove impurities and calm blemishes, as well as moisturize and nourish your back to leave your skin looking healthy and radiant.

60 Minutes – $99/Member ($119/Guest)

Anti-aging Facial

Fight the signs of againg. Our signature rejuvenating treatment boots collagen production and cell metabolism to help your skin regain elasticity and texture.

60 minutes $110/Member ($130 Guest)


Face (includes eyebrows)
$65 Member ($75 Guest)

$20 Member ($30 Guest)

Lip or Chin
$15 Member ($25 Guest)

Brow/Lip Combo
$30 Member ($40 Guest)

Chest or Stomach
$60 Member ($70 Guest)

$75 Member ($85 Guest)

$45 Member ($55 Guest)

$55 Member ($65 Guest)

$35 Member ($45 Guest)

$75 Member ($85 Guest)

$45 Member ($55 Guest)

Leg – half
$45 Member ($55 Guest)

Leg – full
$75 Member ($85 Guest)

Hair must be grown out 1/4 inch. We do not recommend ingesting alcohol or caffeine prior to any waxing service. Please inform us if you are using Retin-A or Accutane before any facial waxing.