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Balanced Habits Nutrition Services

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain weight, or live a healthier life, nutrition is a vital part of your success. At Club Sport, your success is our priority. Because of this, we partner with Balanced Habits for nutrition counseling.

Founded in 2013 by former gym owners Carolyn & Paul Fetters, Balanced Habits™ provides a way to make a bigger and more permanent impact on the health of our Club Sport members. Their philosophy behind weight management focuses on empowering people by providing the knowledge, tools, and live personal support to achieve long-term success. Designed with the support of Nutritionists and RDN’s, Balanced Habits™ is nationally accredited program that has supported nearly 200,000+ clients to reach their goals throughout North America.

New Members Receive a FREE 14-Day Boost Nutrition Plan ($49 Value)

3 Month Life Program

It’s been said that it takes 21 Days to create a Habit, and 90 Days to create a Lifestyle. In the 3-Month LIFE option, your program begins with a full body composition analysis so that our professionals can determine the optimal portion size and meal frequency of your meal plan. Then, guided by both your program app and the guidance from your personal Health Coach, you will learn how to navigate, improve, and eventually master a daily routine that implements habit-based techniques to achieve a lifestyle that supports your body & health goals.

4 Week FAILPROOF Food Program

The first month of any nutrition program is where participants begin to see drastic changes in their body composition and energy levels. The “Read it and eat it” program introduces all of the basic nutrition principles that will help individuals learn effective eating habits that can transition into a habit-based lifestyle option.

Discover my Macros Package

Your macronutrient portion size is the starting point of your nutrition plan. If you want just a basic recommendation of your macros, take this quiz. Once you know your daily portion size, you’ll have the option to purchase your Full Macronutrient Report that includes your individual meal size, an eating schedule, Pack & Go Chart, & an 11 Recipes to help you with one full week of healthy eating.